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Evans Custom Docks 813.990.7371
19121 Gunn Hwy Odessa Florida 33556

Evans Custom Docks, serving the Tampa Bay area and lakes for over 30 years,Evans Custom Docks builds the finest docks and boat lifts in the state of Florida. All construction is based on the finest quality of materials and pilings and bolts for the application that would be needed for the construction of the project.  Specializing in both saltwater and fresh water docks, and seawalls. Evans Custom Docks will complete the design and the construction of the project to include the permitting process . All construction is supervised by a fully qualified marine construction expert that will maintain the quality and integrity of your project.    Specializing in the construction of custom docks, boat lifts and seawalls. Installations also includes the electric and plumbing. Features also include screen rooms, gazebos, roofs, storage facilities, cleats, tie pilings, fish tables, galvanized and stainless